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Video Services

Preserve your memories with digital transfer

With old formats like VHS, Super 8, and Mini DV becoming harder to watch and archive, getting your videos digitized so you can view them on your computer or tv and back them up is a great way to make sure you always have a copy of your important moments. 

With our long term partner lab, Peterson's Video Transfer, we can take in your video order at one of our retail stores, log it into our system, ship your order to the video lab, and then give you a call as soon as your order is back at our store and ready for pickup.

Standard turnaround for most video transfer orders is 2-4 weeks. We do our best to accommodate rushes but in general it is difficult for us to guarantee turnaround faster than 1.5 or 2 weeks.

Please note that we do not have the machinery in our stores to playback and view video tapes and reels. We recommend finding a compatible camera or player so you can view your media before bringing it in for transfer.

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Video Tapes

Transfer video from video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Video 8, and more) to digital file.

Price: $50 per 2 hours of video.

Tape RepairAvailable at additional charge.

Standard Turnaround Time: 4-8 weeks.

File Delivery: .MP4 files provided on a USB flash drive or hard drive provided by customer or purchased when dropping off your order. Digital download link also available

Quality: Standard definition video†

Film Reels

Transfer video from reels of film (16mm, 8mm, Super 8) to digital file

Price: $0.30 per foot.

Standard small super 8 reels are 50 feet ($15), full large reels can be up to 450 feet($135). Film reel transfers have a minimum charge of $60. 

Standard Turnaround Time: 4-8 Weeks

File Delivery: .MP4 files provided on a USB flash drive or hard drive provided by customer or purchased when dropping off your order.

Resolution: Standard Definition†/High Definition Available Upon Request‡ 

DVD Video to Digital File

Transfer video from DVD to .MP4 files.

Price: $20 per DVD.

Standard Turnaround Time: 1-3 Days. (Done in-house for faster turnaround)

File Delivery: .MP4 files provided via email download link or loaded on a USB flash drive or hard drive provided by customer or purchased when dropping off your order. 

Quality: Standard Definition Video†

Audio Cassette Tapes

Transfer audio from cassette tape to .MP3 files.

Price: $50 per 72 min of audio.

Standard Turnaround Time: 2-4 weeks.

File Delivery: .MP3 files provided on a USB flash drive or hard drive provided by customer or purchased when dropping off your order. 

Quality: High quality compressed .MP3

†Standard definition files are approximately 640x480

High definition files are approximately 1440x1080 (4:3 ratio from Super 8 Format)

Additional Formats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you send out video transfer orders?

A) Yes, we send most of our video transfer orders to our partner lab in Nevada, Peterson's Video Transfer. Peterson's has been a long term partner and we are happy to continue trusting them with our video needs. 

Q) I'm not sure what video formats I have, can I bring them in and get a quote?

A) Yes! If you are unsure of what types of media you have, please contact us or bring them in so that we can see what you have and let you know what your options are.

Q) I'm not sure what is on my tapes/reels, how can I view them before transfer?

A) We don't have the machinery to playback and view video tapes/reels in our stores. If you have small video cassettes such as VHS-C, Video 8, or Mini DV, we suggest using a camera to view them. Many people still have their old cameras in storage alongside their tapes but you can often find working cameras on places like eBay or local electronic recycling sites. If you have reels of film, an easy way to check what's on it is to unwind some of the film from the reel and hold it up to the light. Since reel film is positive, you should be able recognize what is on the frames. If you need to check a DVD, we have computers capable of playing DVDs in-store so we can help you with that. 

Q) If I don't know how much video is on my tapes/reels, how can I get a quote?

A) If you aren't sure how much video is on the media that you have, we can provide a range estimate based on the minimum and maximum total that we would expect from the amount of originals that you drop off. If your order goes significantly over the quote that we give you, we can give you a call to confirm before completing it. 

Q) Can I get only a certain segment of my tape transferred?

A) If you know the timecodes (ex: 1:32-5:45) of exactly the one portion that you want to have transferred from your tape, you can let us know when you drop off your order and we can accommodate that. 

Q) Can I get my videos transferred to DVDs?

A) Because DVDs are an aging technology and fewer computers and players are being made to view them, we strongly encourage our customers to receive their video transfers as digital files on a flash drive. Upon request, DVDs are still available but will incur additional charges. 

Q) Can I get my files delivered digitally via an emailed download link?

A) Yes, upon request we can send you an online transfer where you can download your video files. 

Q) Can you edit my videos together for me?

A) Although we have the ability to do basic cutting and combining, we are not primarily a video lab. If you have a simple request to have multiple video files put together into one or need a certain section of a video file cut out, we can do that for you. These are custom requests so please contact us via email/phone or come into our store to discuss these kinds of orders. 



In addition to the common formats listed above, there are some more unusual or obscure format, like BETA that can also be transferred. If you have questions about the type of media you have, please contact us and we can let you know.

Pricing and turnaround on special video formats may differ from standard formats. We will give you an estimate once we know what kind of video format you have.

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