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Easily upload your images to have Passport Photos printed​.

     If you need passport photos, we can create them for you using photos that you provide to us. Just follow the following steps:

1) Take a few photos of yourself in direct, flat lighting in front of a plain light colored background. Use the references below as an example of how to take your photos.

2) A pleasant, neutral expression is best.

3) Be mindful of shadows and glasses reflections. Remember. NO glasses for US passport photos!. 

4) If your phone has a portrait/zoom lens, its best to use that.

5) Upload your photos along with a description of which country you need the passport photos for. (2x2" United States passport photos are standard).

6) We will review the photos and format them to passport standards. If we have any questions or if your photos have any issues, we'll let you know. 

7) We will print your passport photos and you will be notified when they are ready for pickup.

Passport Photo References 

Use the following photos as a guide to make sure that the photos you submit to us will be usable. 

Passport Sample - Nick.jpg


Light is not even across the face. 

Passport Sample - Bradon.jpg


Harsh light makes subject squint and causes shadows under eyes, nose, and neck.



Light is even and there are no

harsh shadows anywhere on face. 

Passport Sample - Mike Final.jpg

Final Photo

Meets standards for United States passport photos.

Pricing and Common Passport Photo Sizes
American Passport Photo
Canadian Passport Photo
European Passport Photo

2x2" photo against a white background, meets US government requirements for passport photos and any other requirement that asks for a "US style" passport photo.

Price: $20

Prints included: 2 prints, 2x2"

Additional Prints: $10 for additional set of 2. 

50x70mm photo against a white background. Photo lab information written on back of one photo as per Canadian passport photo requirements. 

Price: $20

Prints included: 2 prints, 50x70mm

Additional Prints: $10 for additional set of 2. 

35x45mm photo against a white background. This size is commonly used in countries like Germany and Netherlands.

Price: $20

Prints included: 2 prints, 35x45mm

Additional Prints: $10 for additional set of 2. 

Chinese Visa Photo
Infant Passport Photo
Custom Size Passport Photo

33x48mm photo against a white background. Meets requirements for Chinese Visa applications. 

Price: $20

Prints included: 2 prints, 33x48mm.

Additional Prints: $10 for additional set of 2. 

passport ad PP.png

Getting a clear passport photo of babies and young children can take a few additional steps. Depending on the age of your child we will photograph them either stood up with your help in front of the passport backdrop or on the floor or in a car seat with a white towel behind them. 

Price: $20

Turnaround: Please allow for up to 2 hours additional turnaround time.

Prints included: 2 prints at requested size.

Additional Prints: $10 for additional set of 2. 

Custom size photo against a white background. If you have a custom size request, please let us know and we will accommodate it.

Price: $20

Prints included: 2 prints at requested size.

Additional Prints: $10 for additional set of 2. 

Send us Your Passport Images

Passport Photos From Your Digital Images

     A convenient way to get your passport photos printed is to take your own photos against a white or light colored background and submit them to us to have them formatted, sized, and printed correctly. Backgrounds and lighting will corrected and head sizing will be checked to the millimeter to make sure your photos meet government requirements.

     Pricing for passport prints from your photos is the same as the prices listed above. 

     Getting your digital files to us is easy, just follow the instructions to use our online uploader and don't forget to include all of your contact information and passport specifications!

Tips for Shooting Your Photos:
  • Soft, even light is important. Make sure that there are no harsh shadows and the whole face is illuminated evenly. 

  • A white background is optimal but other light colors will work too.

  • Use the zoomed in lens on your phone camera (portrait mode on iPhone) to take the picture and turn the blur effect off or all the way down. 

  • Leave a little white space around faces. 

  • A small natural smile is fine but avoid exaggerated smiles or expressions. Neutral expressions are preferred. 

  • If you are unsure which expression or light is best, include a few options and we can select the photo that will best meet passport requirements.

Submit Your Photos Here

  • For Park Avenue pickup

  • For Branciforte pickup

  • Fill out your first and last name, email address, and include your contact phone number.

  • Provide a clear indication of what passport size/country you need and how many copies. Two copies is standard but more can be printed if you need.

  • Click/tap the below the message area to select and upload your photo files. 


Once we receive your online file transfer, we will email you to confirm​ your order and provide your turnaround time or clarify any details we need before completing your order.

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