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Film Services

Your beloved images, processed with care.

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Working with film since 1976, Bay Photo is proud to offer developing, scanning, and printing of color and black and white film. 

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Whether you’re new to film photography or have been using film for a while, either professionally or as a hobby, our stores are here to support you on your film journey. With 35mm and 120mm color negative film developed in-store, and a partner lab in San Francisco handling development of color positive and

black and white film, we are here for all of your film needs.

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We process film in professional Noritsu developing machines with chemicals monitored daily for optimal quality. The processing is safe, fast, and efficient with same day and even hourly

turnaround available for develop-only orders depending on our current workload. Between our in-store processing and our partner lab, we can develop all standard process films in sizes from APS to large format.

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Once we’ve processed your film, our expert scanning technicians scan your rolls on Noritsu scanners renowned by photographers for their natural color and sharp results. Options for scan resolution range from small files suitable for social media to large files with potential for beautiful prints you can display with pride. Image files can be sent to your email.

Film Processing Options

Develop Only

Your film is processed and returned to you cut into strips or left whole and wound around a core. No scans or prints included.

  • Color 35mm Develop Only: $10

  • Color 120 Develop Only: $10

  • Cross Process Develop: $12

  • BW 35mm Develop Only: $14

  • BW 120 Develop Only: $14

  • E6 35mm Develop Only: $15

  • E6 120 Develop Only: $15

  • 4x5 Develop Only: $10/sheet (all processes)

Develop + Scan

C41 Color Negative

Your film is processed and you get digital scan files delivered via web download or usb drive transfer.

  • Develop+Low Res: $15

  • Develop+Med Res: $17

  • Develop+High Res: $23

  • Add Single 4x6 Prints: +$11

  • Add Double 4x6 Prints +$20

Develop + Print

C41 Color Negative

Your film is processed and prints of all photos are made on your choice of glossy or matte finish paper.

  • Develop + Print Singles: $21

  • Develop + Print Doubles: $30

Scanning of Already Developed Film

Uncut Rolls

Scans of all frames from uncut rolls of 35mm or 120 film. 

  • Low Res: $12

  • Med Res: $15

  • High Res: $20

Whole Rolls, Cut 

Scans of  all frames from a single roll of 35mm or 120 film that has already been cut into strips. 

  • Low Res: $20

  • Med Res: $25

  • High Res: $30

Individual Frames

Scanning of individual frames of 35mm or 120 film.

  • Low Res: $3

  • Med Res: $4

  • High Res: $6


Scanning Info

The way your film is scanned has a major affect on the final look of your photos. Our film techs are trained to use our Noritsu scanners to get the best possible results from your film. When doing the color correction for film scans, the subject always gets priority with a focus on pleasing skin tones and a good balance of light and dark tones. If you have a particular aesthetic you are looking for or any special instructions for your roll, please let us know!


Resolution Options

We offer 3 options for scan resolution at Bay Photo:

  • Low Res (~1000x1500)

  • Medium Res (~2000x3000)

  • High Res (~4000x6000)

We recommend Low Resolution for sharing on social media, Medium resolution as a great all around option that offers higher detail and finer grain structure to print up to 8x12, and High Resolution with the largest files for important projects or larger 12x18+ prints. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about scan resolution when you drop off your film.

Click on the image to the right to see an

enlarged side by side of the different resolution 


Scan Resolution Sample
Print File Sleeving 1800.jpg
Keep Your Negatives Organized

Want to keep your negatives organized in a convenient and easy way? Have us cut and sleeve your film in Print File archival sleeving pages after processing. Perfect for keeping your projects organized, just put them into a 3 ring binder and say goodbye to loose negatives and messy rolls. Mark the option on your mail order sheet or let us know in store when you drop off, only +$2 per roll.

Buy Film

Fresh film for every occasion.
35mm Film Banner Narrow.jpg

We take great pride in carrying a large variety of films to provide you with the best choice for any occasion. Our staff are happy to discuss different film characteristics and scan/print qualities to help you choose your next roll.

Our Retail Stores Carry:

Kodak Color Negative:

  • Portra 160*

  • Portra 400*

  • Portra 800*

  • Pro Image 100

  • Ektar 100*

  • Color Plus 200

  • Gold 200

  • Ultramax 400

Kodak Slide:

  • Ektachrome 100*

Kodak Black & White:

  • Tri X 400*

  • T-Max 100*

  • T-Max 400*

  • T-Max P3200

Fujifilm Color Negative:

  • C200

  • Superia 400

Fujifilm Black & White

  • Acros 100

Ilford Black & White:

  • Pan F+ 50*

  • Ortho+ 80*

  • FP4+ 125*

  • Delta 100*

  • Delta 400*

  • Delta 3200*

  • HP5+ 400*

Ilford Black & White

(Color Process):

  • XP2 Super*


  • 50D

  • 400D

  • 800T*


  • Lomochrome Purple

  • Lomography 400

  • Lomography 800

*Available in 35mm and 120 formats

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